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Business consulting and support to leadership and management teams

I am an entrepreneur and an experienced business developer. My experience is extensive: I have managed, marketed, sold, restructured, consulted, mentored and started from scratch. My life experience of more than half a century gives perspective and helps to control things. I don't panic in problematic situations and I don't get surprised in surprising situations. I believe in values ​​and purpose as things that guide the company.

I have a good network that allows me to complement my services and provide the kind of help that is best for your business.

Through my own company, I make projects, manage them or act as a personal mentor. I also know how to help an entrepreneur back from difficulties to a new rise by supporting voluntary restructuring. I have managed e.g. The Hanasaari cultural center's move to and from the sheltered premises and the Kalevala Jewelry factory and office move to the new premises.

I move nimbly around Finland. Experience has been accumulated in a fairly comprehensive number of industries. I have experience in the restaurant business, retail, wholesale and import, publishing, organizations and online shopping.

I've sparred at @Kasvu Open for several years and I've met numerous growth companies at different stages digitally and face-to-face. I have been involved because I get to promote the growth of domestic companies, networks grow, I get to know potential customers and partners, and I learn new things and get feedback. Here is feedback from my sparring sessions:

  • Good energy and plenty of attention and exchange of experiences in a short time.

  • Sparkling exchange of words and brainstorming! Many thanks for the good tips!

  • Very good comments for the realization of the operation of the recycling plant.

  • Thank you for the wide-ranging discussion about our business and especially about finance

  • Spot on expertise for our upcoming change. A deep understanding of a matter that not many people in this country can have. Thanks for the good sparring time! Let's keep in touch!

  • A great start: Why are we here? An understanding of the ownership structure and discussion around it, a deep-creating experience.

I have done projects funded by ELY or Business Finland and stood at Slush pitching with a client. I know Helsinki's startup genre and customs very well. I have been on the board of Helsinki Uusyrityskeskus. I am very familiar with European forms of support and have been making EICA and EIF applications.

Designing the company and making it financially viable is my basic job. Business planning, future assessment and scenarios, funding searches and management support are among my core competences. I can work in Finnish and English. The experience has come from continuous active scouting for more than 50 years, from the basic level to the consulting and training tasks of the world organization.

I am very happy to make an offer. I work best on a gig basis. I can also do hourly work or interim work.

I pay €175 per hour or €1750 per day (VAT 0%). Rarely is an offer such that it is directly from the price list. Get in touch, we'll discuss your challenge, identify development points and I'll make a proposal to solve them or support you.

Timo Muttonen
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