Muttonen Consulting

Venture development and consulting

Business consulting and support to leadership and management teams

I am an entrepeneur and very experienced  executive in service businesses. I have a broad knowledge of leadership, marketing, sales, company reorganization, consulting and mentoring.  

My long life experince as a leader is a solid ground for venture development and advising SMEs and midcap companies. I'm very connected and my network is in great help to serve better my clients.  

I am also able to help as an intern project manager in large scale operations. 

I am a partner in  Teoderik Consulting Group. In the group is also Teoderik Oy and Digie Oy and together we supplement each other. We are a group of experienced consultants frome various businesses. We work in co-operation with circulation economy company Ethica Oy.

Corona virus has effect almost every company. The challenges associated with it will be orders of magnitude bigger than what we are used to dealing with. To handle them, you need to adopt an operating model that accommodates the extreme level of uncertainty facing your business. We can help you in planning and executing such a models. Please vistit our group's site to find out our services. 

Timo Muttonen
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