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Consulting and venture development

My purpose in Muttonen Consulting is to produce excellent venture development services for startups, SMEs and midcap companies. 
My services lean on strong and long experience in various kind of businesses. I put extra effort in listening and understanding your business and challengies.
My service is personal and I like to meet face to face (Corona reservation) and my goal is always to improve the business of my client  to as profitable as it could be. I help my clients to make wise and long lasting decisions together for the good of the teams, company and stakeholders. I belive in the sustainable decision making. 

My services

1. Business analyzes

The goal is to find out the current challenges and build a base to development projects. Usually this is a one day works shop with working together and the interviews. In addition I analyze the basic reporting of the company. After the work shop I report of my findings and make a 

suggestion of next steps for the development. Totally this is two days work. Price of the analyze and findings is 1800 € + VAT 24%.

2. Strategic planning and execution

Strategies, must-win-battles and KPIs are key tasks to executive teams. To define your strategic intent is a base of your growth planning. In my service all these are in one package: through the vision we clarify the strategic goals and critical tasks and steps, fomulate the goals and measurements and plan the change is the operations. The implementation and working with the teams is planned. This work needs a starting meeting. If the alalyzing phase is done before hand it will help the starting. To formulate the must-win-battles and KPIs it takes 2-3 workshops and some work between work shops. Chage plan, measuremt plan and implementation plan takes two days. This five days operation costs strating from 7000 € + VAT 24%. To support the implementation and follow up the goals my daily cost is 1 200 € + VAT 24 % per day following

a set project plan.. Typically follow upe and intern help takes six months.

3. Growth and change management

To the other growth and venture services I have a good network. I can help you and your company in funding planning and raising operations, marketing or sales development, team building, service design or internationalization.

4. The Covid 19 pandemic service

Corona virus has effect almost every company. The challenges associated with it will be orders of magnitude bigger than what we are used to dealing with. To handle them, you need to adopt an operating model that accommodates the extreme level of uncertainty facing your business. We can help you in planning and executing such a models. Please vistit our group site to find out our services. Teoderik Consulting Group is the service provider.

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