Winetastings with passion

Grapes in early spring

I have lived in the Finnish wine genre and culture over 30 years. I have worked in top restaurants in the down town Helsinki and worked with wine, winetastings and wine makers. Most of my wine knowledge I have learned by working in Viini Magazine with Juha Berglund who is a wine maker, a publiser and a writer and owns Château Carsin in Bordeaux.

My love wines, food and tastings. It is a pleasure to tell people experinces and fact of food and wine culture. I am especially interested in the questoion why? Why wines tastes like this, why this shiraz tastes different than that shiraz, why my expensive wine tastes like s%&t with that food? I love to help people to find their favorite wines.

I'm very flexible to give tastings. I have wine glasses, I move easily in the Metropolitan area and topics you can pick or I can suggest it. If you are a group of 10-20 people and want to have introduction in certain grape variety or sparkling wines or maybe want to learn of tasting techniques, please call or mail me. Typically one lecture lasts about two hours. 

My price is 400 € + VAT 24% includin the Riedel wine glasses. Unfortunately because of the Finnish Alcohol law you have to provide the wines. I give you exact list to purchase.